Dip nails have gained popularity over the years. In the recent years, if you wanted bold nails with striking colors, you could only go for dip powder nails. But things have changed since the invention of dip nails. Parents can now show their teen daughters how they made their nails back in the days using dip powder. Dip nails are not only affordable but also easy to install at home. Plus, they are durable.

But, can you paint over dip nails? The answer is yes. However, you need to ensure that you go for a darker shade when covering the dip nails. Besides, you can easily remove the nail polish from the dip nails using a non-acetone polish remover without taking off the dip nail’s manicure. If you are looking for the most durable option when it comes to nail enhancements, then dip nails are your best bet. Plus, you can change the color anytime to match that of your outfit.

If you want to change the color of the dip nail, then you can switch it up with a traditional nail polish. However, if you like changing the color of your nails frequently, then dip nails are not the best option. They are a perfect alternative for those with sensitive nails when it comes to acrylic and gel polish. You might want to get a professional to help you remove the dip nails if you want to remove them before they come off on their own.

Which Type of Nail Polish Can You Paint Over Dip Nails

Removing dip nails takes a lot of buffing and filing which can make you remove your natural nails accidentally. Nail enthusiasts that are conversant with different types of artificial nails can comfortably do it at the comfort of their homes. However, when removing the dip nails by yourself, you need to be very cautious and precise. The process is quite easy with a little practice and experience. Always keep in mind different health issues associated using dip nail powder when wearing dip nails.

Some of the most important factors that you need to put into consideration when getting dip powder nails include damage caused by acrylics and wrong application style.

Which Type of Nail Polish Can You Paint Over Dip Nails?

Painting Dip Nails Using Traditional Nail Polish

Always remember that there are different types of nail polishes when shopping for the best nail polish to apply over your dip nails. Also, not all nail polish colors can perfectly conceal the color of your dip powder nails underneath. Save for the nail color, you can try out traditional and gel nail polishes as they are best suited to cover these types of nails. Don’t go for opaque shades if you are looking to cover up the dip polish completely. This is because they are usually not thick enough and therefore won’t fully dilute the nail dip powder.

Thicker shades such as matte polishes come highly recommended if you want to cover the paint over dip nails. Always put in mind the actual color of the dip nails when shopping for a new nail shade. White, pastel and bright natural looking colors are some of the easiest colors you can paint over with the color of the dip nails showing through. The more saturated and darker the dip nail color, the harder it is to fully cover it up. In this case, you’ll have to go for a darker shade to ensure the color underneath remains virtually invisible. Dark plums and deep grays will come in handy.


If the color of your dip nails is a little dark, then you can go for glitter-filled nail polishes or use nail decals. What’s more, they are easy to apply on the dip nails as compared to repainting all the nails. If this is not an option, then ensure you have the right materials and tools for repainting your dip nails. Using traditional nail polishes is much easier compared to other options like gel polish. However, gel nail polish has a sleek shine that makes the extra hassle worth.

Dip nails and gel nail polish is a stunning combination provided you have the necessary supplies.

Painting Dip Nails Using Traditional Nail Polish

Painting Dip Nails Using Traditional Nail Polish

Ensure you have all the necessary supplies in place before you think of painting your dip nails with traditional nail polish. You will need a top coat, a non-acetone nail polish remover, nail polish that it at least two shades darker than the color of the dip nails and a nail file. First, clean your fingers thoroughly using the non-acetone nail polish remover. This chemical not only helps remove the dip powder nails but also kill bacteria on and under the fingers.

Use a sturdy nail file to file and shape the nails to create an adhesive surface. You’ll not need a base coat since the dip nail powder serves as the bottom coat. It’s always advisable to apply a thin layer of traditional nail polish but in this case, you’ll need at least three coats to cover up the nail dip color completely. Ensure you let one coat dry off completely before applying another one. This allows the polish to create a firm bond with your nail.

After letting the nail polish layers to dry completely for at least 10 minutes for each layer, you can now apply the top coat layer. Applying the top coat is important as it helps prevent the polish from peeling off and slipping around. Always go for a high-quality top coat for best results.

Cheap nail polishes are not sturdy enough hence can hold a traditional nail polish and the dip polish in place. You can use a nail polish remover to remove any mistakes when using the traditional nail polish.

Painting Dip Nails Using Gel Polish

Painting Dip Nails Using Gel Polish

Using gel polish to paint over dip nails is more challenging as compared to traditional nail polish. Correcting mistakes is equally hard that’s why it’s always advisable to take preventative measures to avoid staining your skin around the nails.

One of the most common reasons why most people use gel polish to cover their dip nails is because you can apply different colors. You can try out a variety of colors since the possibilities are limitless although you can’t use a white coat if the base is black. Choosing the right color is very important. Always go for a darker shade of a color with similar saturation. This typically means that you can cover a red nail polish using sapphire blue or hot pink dip nails with a natural or neutral color.

You’ll need a non-acetone nail polish remover, top coat, gel nail polish, Vaseline, nail file, a UV curing lamp and a nail trimmer if need arises. Preparation is just the same as in the traditional polish which starts off with using the non-acetone remover to wash your hands then filing the nails to create an adhesive surface. Apply Vaseline on the skin around your nails before getting started with the gel nail polish as it helps prevent staining.

You need to apply two coats only when using gel nail polish. Let one coat dry off completely for about two minutes before applying another one. To complete the process, apply a thick layer of top coat as it helps hold the gel nail polish in place and prevent peeling off.

Removing Dip Nails

Removing Dip Nails

Dip nails are known to last for up to four weeks which makes it a budget-friendly nail enhancement option. However, keeping your nails covered for that long can result in severe nail damage. In this case, it’s always advisable to remove the dip nails from the nail plate especially when they are in a weakened state. When removing the dip nails, you’ll need acetone, nail file, foil, cotton balls or pads and a small glass bowl. A nail buffer will also come in handy as it helps speed up the entire process but don’t use it for if the amount of work is relatively small.

You’ll first need to file or buff out the top coat before penetrating the nails with the acetone. The top coat usually gives dip nails some shine which means it’s easy to know when you are done removing it since the nails won’t have that shine. You can use the foil or bowl method to soak the nails in acetone since both methods work effectively. However, the bowl method is usually faster.

If you choose to use the foil method, then you’ll need to soak the cotton balls or pads in acetone then wrap the foil around the finger. After which you can place the cotton balls or pads on top of the nails. Ensure the wrapped foil is tight enough and leave it on for about 15 minutes.

For the small bowl method, you’ll need a steaming hot towel and a glass bowl to place over the bowl and the fingers. After you are done, using whichever method, rub your nails to take off the remaining bits of the nail polish.

Dangers of Dip Nails

Dangers of Dip Nails

You can paint over dip nails. However, dip nails are the best option for those who don’t want to go through the hassle of dealing with nail enhancements but want their nails to look presentable and clean. Cleanliness is what you have to worry about especially when you are installing them by yourself at home. You’ve probably seen people dipping their nails in the dip nail powder, then applying two or three coats. It’s not hygienic at all especially when it comes to dip nail powder.

When you visit nail parlors and salons, you’ll notice that the nail technician usually uses a nail brush and a bowl of dip powder to apply it on the nails. The method id not quite appealing or satisfying to the eyes but it’s the safest. Some nail techs still refuse to do these types of nails even with the amount of safety involved since they believe it can affect the client. Infections and other diseases can spread super fast once you forget to clean the brush after use.

You can contract different illnesses from dip powder nails including fungal infections, herpes whitlow and other viruses as long as it lies on top of the fingers. You probably might have contracted herpes whitlow if your fingers are covered with blisters immediately after getting dip nails done. The disease usually spreads through blisters. Some technicians worry about the components of the dip powder nails.

Dip powder nails contain methyl methacrylate which is illegal in some states since it’s associated with some severe damages.

Dip Nails Vs Other Artificial Nails

Dip Nails Vs Other Artificial Nails

Dip nails are an easier and cheaper option especially for those who want a natural anil enhancement that falls between gel nail polish and acrylic nails. They are equally cheaper as compared to getting polygel nails at the salon. There are different types of dip powder nails but dip nails are the easiest to apply. Besides, you don’t need to cure the nails when it comes to dip powder nails unlike polygel, acrylics and gel polish.

It typically means that you won’t spend any time under the UV light or increasing the risk of skin cancer or premature aging of the skin around your hands. Just like acrylic nails, dip powder nails are equally sturdy and durable. Dip nails are more flexible as compared to acrylic nails. Those who suffer headaches owing to the fumes from different nail polishes you can give dip powder nails a try since they are odorless.

Just like other artificial nails, dip powder nails also have risks but are the safest. If you want to avoid damaging your natural nails when you have dip nails on, you can always take a break after a few weeks and add keratin to your diet or eat foods that are rich in keratin. Dip powder nails are easy to install at the salon as compared to acrylics but take the same amount of time as applying gel nail polish. However, it’ll take you some time before repairing than other types of artificial nails.

Dip Nails Will Always Be in Style

Dip Nails Vs Other Artificial Nails

You can paint over dip nails which typically means that they can never go out of style. Dip nails just like other artificial nails have their own risks but you can always choose safety by going to a professional nail technician or salon to get your nails done.

Ensure that the salon has necessary sanitation license before making an appointment. You can also go through customer reviews on their website and social media platforms if any. This gives you a rough idea of their services and what to expect during your visit. Dip powder nails are the best option when it comes to artificial nails as it saves you the hassle of repairing since they don’t peel, crack or chip. Plus, you can install them by yourself or get a trusted technician to do the job for you.

In addition, you can bond with your friends and family as you apply dip powder nails by yourself at home. So, can you paint over dip nails? The answer to this question is yes! Nothing beats creating memories with your loved ones and pretty nail arts simultaneously.