Pedicures are not only a way of taking of your toenails and feet but are equally relaxing. There are different types of pedicures. The procedure is almost the same for each with the only difference being the type of nail polish the technician uses and what the feet soak in. Some pedicures are quite common while others are relatively strange since they involve letting fish eat off the dead skin from your feet. There are other pedicures that you are required to dip your toes in chocolate.

How Much Does a Pedicure Cost?

How Much Does a Pedicure Cost

The price range varies depending on a lot of things such as the type of pedicure. Generally, pedicures roughly cost between 35 to 60 dollars. You should always factor in tips when estimating the amount, you plan on spending on a pedicure. The tip of most nail technicians is usually 15% to 18% of your total bill. For instance, if the pedicure costs 35 dollars, then the total spending should be between 40 to 42 dollars with tax.

Pedicures that cost $60 will have the total spending shooting up to $72 on the higher side plus tax. Just like waiters and hairdressers, most nail technicians depend on these tips as it makes a huge percentage of their total income. That’s why it’s always advisable to have enough to tip nail technicians when you do your routine visits.

Generic pedicures usually involve the client soaking their toenails and feet. In this case, the nail technician will remove the dead skin off your feet, trim and shape your toenails. The tech will then finish this procedure by applying a nail polish color of your choice.

There other different types of pedicures that usually offer unique and specialized treatments depending on your personal specifications. Some of the most common types of pedicures include spa pedicures, gel pedicures, chocolate pedicures and shellac pedicures. There are certain etiquettes that you should follow when planning your appointment for a pedicure to avoid any embarrassments. These etiquettes also help make the technician’s work a lot easier to give you the best results.

Getting pedicures also come with lots of health benefits. Taking care of your feet will not only make them look cleaner but also radiant and youthful for longer. Plus, it’s quite relaxing which makes it worth every penny.

Why Should I Get a Pedicure?

Why Should I Get a Pedicure

There’s more to pedicures than just relaxing and getting your feet pampered. Pedicures have plenty of health benefits especially when done regularly including improving your psychological, circulatory and immune health. Pedicures also help reduce the risk of infection in the toenails and feet alike. Most people always forget to wash their feet when taking a shower. According to research, the feet are the most forgotten part of the body as far as cleanliness is concerned.

The neglect can result in increased rate of infections which tends to weaken the immune system as it fights the infection. When getting your pedicure, the nail technician massages your legs and feet to improve blood flow all the way down to the toenails. Poor blood circulation tends to affect the health of your toenails which can make them turn to alarming shades like purple and blue.

Those dealing with anemia and low iron are usually more susceptible to poor blood circulation. This means that regular pedicures and incorporating iron rich foods will positively impact their circulatory system. The nails will get back to their original pinkish color with improved blood circulation in the body. Pedicures help improve nail health since it entails clearing them off any infections and ensuring that blood flows smoothly to your toenails just as in the rest of the body.

The results of healthy nails are usually noticeable especially when you do pedicures regularly. Your natural nails will even look better even without applying nail polish or installing other types of artificial nail enhancements. When you want pamper yourself, sometimes all your body needs to unwind is treating yourself to a nice pedicure. As earlier mentioned, pedicures are refreshing and relaxing!

Some medical conditions are usually founded on pure stress and this is where a pedicure comes in handy. Pedicures help take the stress off your shoulders and that’s why they are worth every dime. They are especially good for those who spend lots of time on their feet and prone to calluses. In this case, the tech will use pumice stone as it helps soften the top part of the callus. You can do it regularly for best results.

Preparing for a Pedicure

Preparing for a Pedicure

It’s important to know how to prepare for a pedicure especially if you have never done it before. Getting pedicures has so many unspoken rules that most people are not conversant with in the first place. These rules narrow down to the end result since they help determine the client’s satisfaction level after the entire process. Don’t shave prior to your pedicure appointment. You might want to hold off the shaving three days before the pedicure to prevent bacteria from seeping through any open wounds post shave.

If you are concerned about spread of infections and bacteria, then you need to air your concerns with the technician prior to your appointment. You might want to do this if you plan on bringing your own tools to the salon. Some of the things you need to carry include a pumice stone, nail clipper, cuticle pusher and emery board.

Removing extra nail polish from the nails, trimming and shaping them shouldn’t worry you. The only thing you need to do is to keep your toenails clean and your feet odorless.

What you wear to your pedicure appointment is equally important. When it comes to footwear, go for something that won’t smudge the nail polish after application. If you wear pants, ensure that they can be pulled up to the knees level effortlessly.

After booking a pedicure appointment, ensure you get there at least 10 minutes before the actual time. This way, you will have a chance to watch as the technician cleans the tools after using them on the client before you. Most salons use automatic cleaning cycles which takes 10minutes or less. You can ask for a foot tub without a pipe since it’s the safest to use. These foot tubs are usually small and portable. Plus, you must refill them between uses.

The foot tubs use aeration to kill bacteria in the tub and on your feet. One of the safest pedicures is one which uses steaming towels as opposed to foot tubs usually known as a soak less pedicure.

Spa Pedicures

Spa Pedicures

This pedicure is just like other normal pedicures since all the activities involved are the same including soaking feet, getting rid of the dead skin and calluses and massaging your lower leg and feet. The only difference when it comes to spa pedicures is that the technicians go above and beyond to keep your feet healthy.

Spa pedicures usually involve paraffin dips, aromatic scrubs, jelly pedicures, hot towel wraps and hydration masks. The technician uses the scrub to exfoliate the sin which leaves it feeling and looking noticeably softer. As the nail technician works on your toenails, he/she will also clean up the cuticles using a cuticle remover. The technician is also able to identify any bacterial infections or its development and help you keep the area clean.

Hydration masks usually help bring moisture back to the toenails and feet. The hot towel wraps, on the other hand, reduce inflammation and loosen the muscles. The paraffin dip is one of the most important features when it comes to spa pedicures. Paraffin wax is normally applied to send heat to the foot muscles to soothe them. A paraffin dip comes in handy for those struggling with rheumatoid arthritis.

When looking around for the best spa for your pedicure, always ensure that it has necessary documentations. This means that the nail salon should have a proper license that allows them to carry out spa services. It’s also important to ensure that they are using different paraffin wax for different clients.

The cost of spa pedicures usually have prices ranging from $40 to $70 plus tax with a 6 to 8 dollar tip on the lower side. For the most expensive spa pedicures you’ll have to dig deeper into your pockets at the tips go up to $14 dollars on the higher end. Technically, the cost of the pedicure is as high as the features offered which means more features equate to more money.

Shellac Pedicures

Shellac Pedicures

If you are worried about the spread of infections and bacteria then shellac pedicure is your best bet. These infections mostly happen in hot towel treatments and foot tubs. What’s more, shellac pedicures are relatively cheaper as compared to spa pedicures. The technician will trim and shape your toenails during a shellac pedicure. The nail polish will then be cured with an ultraviolet lamp to reduce the amount of time it takes to dry off. It also helps keep the nail polish in place and prevent smudging.

The specialist will also take care of your cuticles during your appointment. This gives the feet an exquisite look for a French, clear or colorful pedicure. You can wear any type of footwear since the nail polish will have dried up completely by the time you leave. This also makes it easy to do a shellac pedicure anytime anywhere.

The cost of shellac pedicures usually ranges from $40 to $60. The most expensive shellac pedicures will have you tipping up to a maximum of $12 for services offered.

Gel Pedicures

Gel Pedicures

In most cases, gel pedicures are offered as a bundle for a relatively cheaper price since they are quite identical to gel manicure. This will save you the hassle of doing your manicure and pedicure separately. However, there are some significant differences between gel pedicures and gel manicures.

To start off the process, the nail technician will clip and shape the toenails. For best results avoid cutting your nails a week before your pedicure appointment to give the technician enough nails to deal with. You’ll also need to soak your feet so that it moisturizes the toenails and feet while softening your nails as the process makes them pliable.

After soaking your feet for some time, the technician will work on the cuticles, cut and shape your nails. They can also use a pumice stone to remove stubborn dead skin and calluses. Scrubbing also helps remove any bacteria hiding between the toes and on the feet. The foot care session will end with a massage to improve blood circulation to the toenails. After which the nail technician will paint your toenails with a gel polish color of your choice.

The technician will first apply preparation treatments like nail primer or nail dehydrator. They’ll then apply a base coat, allow it to dry completely before applying two layers of the gel polish followed by the top coat. Depending on different factors, the cost of gel pedicures ranges from $40 to $80 on the average with up to $16 tip on the services offered. The value of the tip estimation is on the higher side of the spectrum.

Chocolate Pedicures

Chocolate Pedicures

Some people find this type of pedicure strange which is quite the opposite for chocolate lovers. Just as the name suggests, chocolate pedicures involve lots of chocolates including the scent. For this spa experience, you’ll soak your feet in a foot bath with hot chocolate. The technician will then give you a chocolate foot scrub using a cocoa brush. The salon uses a chocolate mask to moisturize your feet.

The specialist will massage your feet with chocolate in a cocoa butter moisturizer after the mask. If you are lucky, you might get treated to drinks, pastries and chocolate candies throughout the chocolate pedicure.

Chocolate pedicures are quite rare but worth every penny. You might want to try out a chocolate pedicure once a while and if not for anything, but for the smell. The cost of this type of pedicure varies but goes up to a total of $85 plus tip and tax on the higher end. The entire process takes about an hour.

Fish Pedicures

Fish Pedicures

Fish pedicures otherwise known as fish spa is quite rare and available only in some parts of the world. You’ll need to place your feet in a tank with fish for this treatment to allow them eat off the dead skin on the feet. The fish are known as Garra Rufa.

This treatment is illegal in some countries owing to the numerous potential health hazards. Plus, some specialists are compromised since they tend to change the type of fish in the tank. Most doctors don’t recommend tis treatment but you can try it out if you are travelling and looking to explore. The risk of illness, spread of bacteria and infections is relatively high with this type of pedicure since there’s no proper way of cleaning the fish tank.

Even worse, the fish can eat up your toenails instead of the dead skin on your feet which can result in nail trauma. It’s also believed that those in this business are likely to use the wrong type of fish. They sometimes replace the Garra Rufas with chin-chins are more aggressive and relatively cheap compared to using Garra Rufas. These fish usually draw blood from the feet as opposed to eating off the dead skin.

Generally, the price range of getting a fish pedicure varies depending on a number of factors. The estimate cost ranges from $45 to $95 for a 20-minute pedicure appointment going up to $75 on the higher side. Don’t forget to add tip to your budget if you are looking to get a fish pedicure.

Remember to do some research about the nail salon before making a pedicure appointment irrespective of the type of pedicure you opt for.