Acrylic nails are one of the most popular ways to add length and shine to your nails. But they’re not easy to apply! Read our step-by-step tutorial to master the art of acrylic nails!

The best artificial nails that are strong and beautiful are acrylic nails. If you are planning to get them then here are the things you should consider before visiting the nail salon.

How to Get the Perfect Acrylic Nails

1.     Check Out Pictures of Nails

Check Out Pictures of Nails

The first thing you need to do before visiting a nail salon is to visit fashion websites with information on nails You can also find additional information on social media platforms such as Inspo, Instagram, and Pinterest.

After selecting all the information that you think or feel is useful, print them out in a high resolution that can be read easily and take them with you to the nail salon and present to the nail techs who will go through them to get and understand what you want.

You can also suggest to them what you feel it will add more beauty to the nails because it may give you a nail style of high quality in the end.

2.     Research Salons Near You

nail salon

After finding the best acrylic nail you want from your research, looking for a nail salon that is next you will be the next task you have to do but if you know of one already you can just pay a visit.

I suggest that you research salons when changing the style of your nails because it may help you discover a new salon which opened recently or one that is perfect or offers manicure services that is ideal for your nails.

Another way of choosing between two or many salons next you is reading feedback and reviews from past clients who did their nails in that particular salon. Visit their website and look out for the negative and positive comments. The best nail salon to do your acrylic nails is the one that has less reviews that are negative.

Because you are planning to do acrylic nails, it will be better if you also check the type of acrylic nails the salon does in order to ensure their services meets your demands.

3.     Ask Questions at the Salon

licencing of the nail salon

Once you have the best nail salon in your neighborhood, contact or visit them to enquire about the acrylic nail shapes and styles they are able to create. This will help you to be sure before settling or deciding to do your manicure in a salon that will offer you the services you are looking for.

Other things to ask are cuticle cleaning, prices, discounts and even the length of the acrylic nails to help you avoid having problems with them when you get them.

4.     Keep Your Nails Clean

This step is not only important before you visit the salon but also after your manicure. Cleaning your nails ahead of manicure will make acrylic nails to stick well and easily. Use hand washing soap to remove any oils and dirt from under and on the surface of your nails and also sanitize them to prevent infections.

After getting your acrylic nails, your nail tech must wipe off any chemicals to avoid any issue of contact dermatitis. At home you need to always use acetone to clean your hands after doing make up or sunscreen so as to remove the chemicals that will cause tear and wear leading to your acrylic nails falling.

5.     Keep Your Nails Long

Keep Your Nails Long

Longer nails makes it easy to attach acrylic nails as well as providing stable surfaces that protects acrylics and makes them stronger enabling them to stay for a longer period. These means before you go to a nail salon to get your acrylic nails; your natural nails must be long.

Allow them to grow long without filling or trimming them before going for your acrylics. Don’t worry because the nail tech who will do your nails and attach acrylics will file them to the appropriate length and shape.

Is Your Nail Tech Using Mma? Here’s How to Know

Nail techs use various nail chemicals and solutions such as acrylics, polishes, and paints during manicure to ensure that your nails become more beautiful as possible. The problem is that some of these products have MMA which is not only bad for your nails but also your health. It is crucial that you know whether the chemicals being used have MMA or not.

Use this five best tips for getting amazing set of acrylic nails whenever visiting your nail technician.