You can’t buy any salon-quality products for the nail from Beyond Nail Polish if you don’t have a nail technician license. Beyond Polish is a renowned company but some consumers still find their website illegal and fishy or so to say. We are made to believe that if the deal is too good then it probably isn’t legit which is a logic that most online shoppers swear by.

Is Beyond Nail Polish Legit?

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This is one of the most frequently asked questions about Beyond Nail Polish. Absolutely! Beyond Nail Polish is a legit company selling the exact products found on their website. They offer a wide variety of products that you normally wouldn’t find at your local cosmetic store like substantial amounts of dipping powders, nail cleansers, nail polishes, UV light lamps and pedicure tools just to mention a few.

Beyond Nail Polish is popular for their low prices and an extensive variety of products. Most people think that this company is illegal owing to the shockingly low prices. However, just like any other company, they also have negative reviews even though in minority but it’s always important to pay attention to them.

Most people who bother to leave a review on a website usually do it with utter passion especially when expressing their feelings about a product. This is why you’ll come across both one-star and five-star reviews sometimes in equal measure. Judging on the reviews on other business sites and their own website, you can easily piece together the company’s weaknesses and strengths. Remember, there are several attributes that usually affect the experience you have when working with a company.

Beyond Nail Polish usually offers a number of name brands products including Essie, OPI, SNS Dipping Powder and CND among others. The type of product you ordering, the shipping provider and location play a significant role when it comes to package delivery. The customer service should be helpful and supportive if anything goes wrong with shipping. Some customers have left reviews about their dissatisfaction.

However, it’s quite hard for an online business to thrive in matters public trust since they only have reviews to tell their story.

Is Beyond Nail Polish Selling Legit Products?

Is Beyond Nail Polish Selling Legit Products

All products from Beyond Polish are legit and authentic as far as the brands are concerned. You can always confirm that Beyond Polish is a legit company even if you can’t find it in some company’s websites. After a lengthy discussion, one of the customer service representatives confirmed the company is not only a legitimate vendor but also one of the biggest wholesalers.

You can always check out with the manufacturer of the product if you are not sure about the product’s legitimacy especially if its from Beyond Polish. They have a customer service team that can confirm whether or not they sell their products to a particular company.

Even going through some of the negative reviews on Beyond Polish’s website, you’ll realize that the company responds to reassure the customers of how legit they are. Most questions about their legitimacy usually have answers although they haven’t responded to all negative reviews. It’s hard for any business to shake off any rumors about illegitimate products especially those that they don’t produce by themselves.

Almost half of the negative reviews on illegitimacy of a product usually comes from consumers who are not conversant with what they are buying. Still on the legitimacy concerns, the other half are fluke incidents concerning the product’s quality. Sometimes, the burden of proof lies with the manufacturing company and not Beyond Polish.

You’ll also see complaints about the product’s durability, smell and consistency. Sometimes some of these negative reviews are usually harsh but the positive ones are gleaming. There are satisfied customers who swear by the products and even compare them to those in the local cosmetic stores except they are surprisingly cheaper.

In normal cases, you only need to visit a professional cosmetic store of your choice to get the same quantity which you can get from Beyond Polish. The only difference is that you’ll need a nail technician’s license to make a purchase from Beyond Polish.

Is Beyond Polish’s Customer Service Helpful and Supportive?

Customer Service

When it comes to Beyond Polish’s customer service, you’ll find both positive and negative reviews in equal measure. In some cases, customers usually claim that their grievances were attended to within the stipulated time. With some of their counterparts claiming that getting hold of the company’s customer service representative is a near miracle.

Whether you are checking out Beyond Polish website or Trustpilot, you’ll notice a number of reviews talking of how difficult it is to get help from the customer representatives. Some even claim that the customer representatives don’t give them any solution to their problems.

On the Beyond Polish website, there’s one reviewer that claimed her order was covered in a nail polish she ordered since the top broke in transit. She didn’t get anyone from the company to solve the issue despite numerous follow ups in an attempt to contact them. Beyond Polish only offers in-store credit on the value of broken items or those that were not received and others receive coupons when the products break or go missing. Either way, the customer gets to pay the shipping fees.

One of the most reasonable and biggest complaints that customers have is purchasing insurance for orders if they want them replaced. Most online stores usually insure goods worth $100 and beyond automatically. It’s also one of the reasons why Beyond Nail Polish offers shockingly low prices.

Beyond Nail Polish saves lots of money on shipping fees especially on nail products with low profits. However, this only happens if the customer doesn’t pay attention to the fine prints about the product’s insurance policy. Those who are conversant with the importance of paying insurance have amazing experiences with some claiming that they learnt about the company’s insurance policy from the reviews on their website from those who did it the hard way.

Is Beyond Nail Polish’s Shipping Reliable?

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Some orders are hard to deliver but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the company’s shipping is compromised. Generally, their shipping is reliable. However, there are a number of factors that play a significant role when it comes to shipping orders.

One of the most common factors that determine how quickly Beyond Nail Polish can ship your order is your location. Currently, all the company’s operations are in the United States owing to the cost and hassle of sending the products via customs.

Canadians can only use the Canadian Beyond Nail Polish website to purchase products. The mode of transport is also a determining factor that comes into play when talking of how fast you’ll receive your order. The estimates of the shipping time are usually exclusive of national holidays such as Christmas and Labor Day as they tend to disrupt the shipping process. Standard shipping takes between five to eight working days. If you want the products delivered within a week then you can opt for expedited shipping since it takes a maximum of five days.

Your order will be delivered at your doorstep in less than three working days with express shipping. However, you should place the said order before noon as per the Pacific time zone. When shopping online, it’s always important to remember the holidays.

Most businesses just like Beyond Nail Polish usually experience massive spikes during the holidays like the Fourth of July, Easter, Halloween and Christmas. Beyond Nail Polish also report more sales when they have larger promotions especially around Cyber Monday and Black Friday. According to their customers, the only drawback is in their insurance policy when it comes to shipping. The company’s policies are usually provided through Route Shipping Insurance, their partner.

All products must be insured regardless of their value especially if you want a replacement from Beyond Nail Polish.

Product Returns and Exchanges

One of the biggest challenges that consumers struggle with when dealing with Beyond Nail Polish is trying to either return or exchange a product. After going through their policies on Returns and Exchanges, you’ll notice that the rules are quite clear on what to expect when making a purchase.

For starters, don’t send back a product if you don’t have permission to do so because it will be declined. Send an email to the company’s customer service account to gain permission. Your email should have the order number, reason for returning and state whether it was a gift or not. Once the return is confirmed and authorized, then the customer is required to ship back the product to the company. Beyond polish then issues store credit in the price of the returned product once they receive it.

Most customers feel that they should not be the ones incurring the burden of additional shipping fees especially when replacing an item. This is because sometimes the shipping fees is usually more that price of the product. Just like returns, exchanges are also handled in a similar manner.

If you want to return of exchange a product, then you should do so within 10 days of receipt. The products should be in good condition and not used. They should also be in the company’s original packaging. Remember, some products once sold neither be exchanged nor returned. Some of these products include damaged goods, those with broken seals, red-line sale items and those that were not bought through the company’s website.

After receiving a returned or exchange product, Beyond Polish usually inspects it to ascertain that they can re-sell it. You won’t receive an exchange or store credit if they can’t re-sell the item. The cost of reverse logistics is relatively high that’s why most companies have very strict return and exchange policies as much as they might seem pretty harsh.

Does Beyond Nail Polish Offer Wholesale Solutions?

Nail Polish Offer Wholesale

Beyond Nail Polish provides wholesale solutions to salon owners and nail technicians. If a company offers wholesale stock or products, it typically means that they sell large amounts in lower prices since the customer is probably going to re-sell the products. In this case, Beyond Nail Polish is the middleman for new nail technicians and small salons. This way, smaller businesses and nail techs that are starting out can buy the products in large amounts from brands like Chine Glaze, NuRevolution, Revel, NYX and Harmony Gelish among others.

For the brands that Beyond Nail Polish offers, you are required to make a $1500 worth minimum purchase of each company’s product. The purchase requirement is a higher for Essie and Revel products. It takes up to a maximum of three weeks for an order done in wholesale to reach the customer. This means that you have to make an order in advance depending on the situation. For instance, with the pandemic in some States, you’d want to order much earlier if you want them on a certain date. You’ll also have to pay a deposit for Beyond Nail Polish to order the products for you.

However, the amount of deposit varies from one company to the other.

What’s the Future of Beyond Nail Polish?

What’s the Future of Beyond Nail Polish

Currently, Beyond Nail Polish is not accredited by Better Business Bureau. It will be accredited and ranked highly as both the company and consumer base grows. The company has great business relations with multiple companies even though it was only founded in 2014. Hopefully, Beyond Nail Polish will instill trust in people as they expand.