Polygel or gelation is a technique for lubricant solutions that is distinct from gels and acrylics. Any gel system can make use of this product. This article will discuss more about its chemical composition.

An ingenious new technology, the slip solution makes slipping and falling much easier. In order to get the big picture, let’s take a closer look at slip solution and polygel in which it is encased.

What Is Slip Solution For Nails?

What Is Slip Solution For Nails

Systems for Gel manicure like Jerish and Polygel use slip solutions to smooth the gel. When slip solution is added to polygel, the polygel spreads more evenly across the nails.

Ceramicists who work with clay on a wheel give this product its name in honor of the slip they utilize. It allows them to move hands around clay with greater ease when engraving.

If you’re using gel nails, thin the gel with a slip solution before applying it to the nail to assist shape it.

What Are Polygel Nails?

Polygel Versus Dip Nails

Both polygel and acrylic nails do not resemble gel nails you have been seeing. It is an innovative system of nails that has a variety of application methods that produce exceptional results.

When compared to acrylic or traditional gel nail system, this is a far faster and less cumbersome alternative.

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How Do I Use Slip Solution With A Gel Nail System?

How Do I Use Slip Solution With A Gel Nail System

To begin, clean your nails as usual, removing any debris or grease. Make a file first before buffing it. Return the cuticle to its original position.

Just enough to prevent the gel nail from overlapping your skin. This occurs when you use nail clippers at home and your nails become torn as a result of over-stimulating them.

As far as possible, we should strive to avoid or prevent the solution from touching the skin around the fingers. The surface must be cleaned of oil and any remaining debris once the first and second stages are completed.

It can be removed with rubbing alcohol. Conditioning oil can also be used. Rub until you no longer feel it, and then thoroughly clean your hands using water and soap.

Prepare the gel nail system you’ll be using. Slurries are adaptable to any system. If you’re utilizing a double shape, for example, it is the moment to pick the proper shape for each nail. You’ll need to size each nail carefully if you’re at home utilizing this method.

If you’re going to use dual shapes, make sure the side nail pads are a touch wider than nails. If you do this, it will avoid gaps when the nail is closed.

After that, you’ll shape your nail to fit the shape. Begin by placing a piece of sticky gel in the center of the shape on the nail, then dipping your gel brush in the slide solution.

If you’re on the go, bring an extra anti-slip solution with you. Ensure that gel is thick at the center and thinner at the edges of the nail.

Apply a final layer of paint. Cure the nail under UV light following the time suggested on the top coat label once you’ve achieved the desired form. Apply the anti-slip solution to the nail tip in a uniform layer.

This will guarantee that all extra gel from the nail is smoothed and removed. Re-treat them for 30-60 seconds under a LED lamp or UV , then wipe away any residue with a hair dryer, makeup brush or tissue.

What Else Can I Use For Slip Solution?

What Else Can I Use For Slip Solution

The ideal substitute for acetone and 70% isopropyl alcohol is an acetone-free remover of nail polish. Other nail kits for gel include a slip solution, while others don’t, depending on the manufacturer.

Using Slip Solution without acetone is an option if the isopropyl alcohol store is sold out or Slip Solution is not readily available.

Keep in mind that “Nonacetone” should be printed on the label. This will be printed on the bottle’s front or rear. Analyze the content because wrong type of Acetone will be stated on the label.

If you’re looking for a nail polish remover without acetone, you should be able to find one at your local pharmacy or dollar store for at least a few dollars.

Some people may be perplexed as to why acetone isn’t used as solvent to remove acrylics and gels. This is because in this state, it is too strong.

When it comes into contact with the gel, it would weaken or destroy it. Slip Solution provides exactly what you need it to accomplish, making the gel easier to distribute and removing any excess.

What Affects The Consistency Of Gel?

What Affects The Consistency Of Gel

Temperatures between 15 and 22°Care optimal for handling gels and lubricants. The process of treating affects varnishes, gels, and sips solutions. LED and UV illumination are used in this procedure.

Some of the products you use on your nails will be impacted by the sun’s UV radiation and heat. During the summer, keep them away from the areas where people are tanning, or at the very least, limit their time in the heat and sun.

Manicurists who travel from one house to another and sit on a porch or garage to get fresh air are frequently the ones that suffer the most.

In a car with air-conditioning or on public transportation, the product enters a person’s house. This results in a constantly shifting texture.

Manicurists must take precautions to ensure the safety of their products that are sensitive to temperature in order to safeguard their businesses.

The use of delayed curing gels and slip solutions is an option available to manicurists. This provides them enough time working with the gel and also there are no shipping concerns where a lot of the damage originates.

Temperature does not damage the gel’s effectiveness but makes it cumbersome. To change the gel’s viscosity, you merely need to increase or decrease its degree.

Running noses can be caused if the temperature is too high, while thickening the gel can be caused if it is too low. There should be a sufficient supply of sliding mortar on hand.

If the gel is exposed to a lot of temperature variations, it will harden. The best option in this situation is to use a gliding solution. Make sure that the product doesn’t solidify too quickly.

Examining their place of employment is one way to do this. Lamps on tables and in ceilings should not be near the appliance. Keep open containers and brushes away from heat-dissipating light sources, as well!

Can I Use A Slip Solution With  Different Gel Types?

All three gels currently in use can be used with slip solution. Glide is not a monomer, therefore it should be noted. The only purpose it serves is to make gel flexible so that it can be easily handled.

What Are The Different Gel Types?

Hard Gel

Hard Gel

Nail lengthening and strengthening can both be accomplished with the help of hard gels. This gel has a substantial consistency.

If you want a long-lasting finish, you can use a special gel brush and a hard gel application on any length of nail. It may be removed after three to one months if desired. The average cost of a hard gel kit is roughly $80.

Soft Gel

Strengthening and growing nails can be done with the help of soft gels. The ideal length for your nails is between a medium and a short one.

By immersing it in acetone, it may be removed by applying a brush and pulling motions. Two to four weeks of wear is typical for these nails, with a price tag of roughly $45.

Gel Polish

Gel Polish

Because gel polish is more resilient, it is lasts long than other polishes. It’s perfect for medium-to-short nails, whether artificial or natural. A solution of acetone is used to remove it.

This procedure, which lasts for up to three weeks, costs around $45 dollars, is applied with a brush rather than a needle, as is the case with gel fillers.

Will Gel Overlay Help Me Grow My Nails?

lady thinking

It is true that a gel can aid in the growth of your nails by strengthening and protecting your nails. It’s all about giving the nails a neat, sculpted appearance. Because it doesn’t increase the overall length, it isn’t necessary to construct it.

Even when the gel is very thick, Slip Solution can be used if the nails are short or have an irregular form. Nails may be shaped and polished to perfection by applying a gel top coat.

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Nails can also develop under the gel, making them more resistant to cutting, peeling, breaking, or other damage. Nothing can go wrong when your natural nails are about to grow out. When it comes to caring for gel coatings, the same rules apply as with artificial nails.

The natural nail re-grows behind the gel coat, revealing the crescent-shaped foundation beneath the gel. In order to determine whether or not an appointment is necessary, follow these steps.

Applying a new coat of nail polish, or removing an old one and reapplying a new one, is the manicurist’s job. This is to be expected. Your nails will be examined by a nail technician, who will look at their color, shape, and growth.

After that, you’ll have to select what to do next. For a variety of reasons, it’s always a good idea to get new manicure. After removing the acetone gel coat, wash your natural nails well.

Cuticles are cleaned of dead skin cells and burrs after the gel, paint, and other debris have been removed. Trim the ends if necessary if you have brittle regions.

Your nails may take some time to harden. Nutrition and supplements can help you do this. You should have your nails checked by a nail technician if you see any discoloration that could indicate an allergic response to a gel or mold.

For this case, they can recommend that you cease treating your nails for at least two months while you’re on antifungal medication.

You can redo the overlay if you clear it. Cuticle and the skin around it are also examined by the nail technician. Protect your nails with gel polish.

To maintain a healthy and long-lasting manicure, you must have it done by a professional at least once a month.

In Conclusion

Polygel Nails

Nail lacquer can be transformed into an eye-catching color with the addition of Slip Solution. It is only Gel nail care solution that can meet the needs of anybody. Slip Solution is a must-have for any manicure professional’s toolkit.

Traveling and serving in varied temps necessitates it. If you’re having trouble deciding on the proper kind of gel nail, keep reading this guide.

A slip solution or acetone-free nail polish remover might be used instead when you are getting this done by yourself at home and you don’t have the money for it right now. As a matter of fact

Slip Solution is a must-have service for anyone interested in doing their own gel nails at home.