This article has a list of the four best types of press-on nails that will interest you. Continue reading to understand more about them

The reason people visit the nail salon is to make their nails more beautiful, healthy and stronger. This comes with a price since it’s a service that must be paid and that means not everyone is able to visit a nail salon.

So what can you do when your budget is not enough for you to visit a nail technician? Worry no more; I have a solution for you: Press-On Nails.

This are simple but amazing nails which can make you look more beautiful and stylish than even those who do their nails in a salon that is if and only when used properly.

If you are looking for the best types of Press-On nails, then you have come to the right place, this article will take you through the best options that are available today in the market.

4 Best Press-On Nail Brands

Dashing Diva Magic Press

Dashing Diva Magic Press

The Dashing Diva makes various useful unique products. Dashing Diva Magic Press for instance comes in many designs and colors to allow you create any shape, colors and styles you need. They are made of gel hence are adjustable and very easy to fit them.

These Press-On nails are ideal for a person who need artificial nails that are short and features a natural style. You will be able to easily file them to the design and style you want. With just a budget of between $6 and $9, you can get a pack with 30 nails inside which will in return give you a more than a month pretty designs.

Dashing Diva Magic Press-On nails are durable and unlike others, they are resistant to showering making them the ideal Press-on option for anyone who needs to look beautiful in any activity without having to worry.

Nailhur Nail Makeup

Nailhur Nail Makeup

The unique name and products that come in wonderful surprising colors has made NailHur a popular brand sort after by many. Nailhur Nail Makeup Press-On nails costs $10 a price tag that is for anyone planning to reduce their expenses on personal beauty care by selecting cheap stylish products.

It comes in a many diverse designs that can be redone to come up with styles that are rounded, oval shaped and shorter nails. You can get them in a variety of colors among them silver and purple.

The pack costing only ten bugs has 24 artificial nails in 12 sizes, nail file and glue. The file will enable you to shape the Press-On nails to the design and shape you need.

The nail glue on the other hand is the standardized quality available and has attracted the only criticism about these Press-On nails. It is now up to you to search and order these amazing nails that are easy to reshape in order to achieve the look and style of your choice or wish.

Marmalade Nails

Marmalade Press-On nails is perfect for anyone who wish or looking for a way to impress others with her beautiful nails. The variety of shapes that is stiletto, square, round, and coffin combines using duo-chrome and holographic views to create a striking look that wouldn’t miss to make an impression of the stylish you.

These nails also come in a pack costing $20-$30 which has 24 nails and 12 sizes together with a nail file inside will give your nails a notable pretty sharp style regardless of the shape you decide to step out with.

Another important feature of these nails that must be mentioned is the removal tool and manicure stick it comes with the pack which allows the nails to be reshaped into great lengths that cannot be achieved with the other basic types.

Kiss Glam Fantasy

Kiss Glam Fantasy

Coming last in this list of the best Press-On nails is the Kiss Glam Fantasy. T6hese nails are designed with sharp colors that create conspicuous looks. The greatest feature of these Press-On nails is the length which is available in short, medium, and long options.

This gives customers a variety of options to choose from without worrying about sizes and lengths. They are also budget-friendly as they cost less than $10 in retail price. What you should note, however, is the usual fact that cheaper nails comes with nail glue that is not sturdy enough.

Although these nails do not have that issue, they rank last on this list because they are not as reliable and good as those mentioned earlier but still it is worth buying it.