This guide on how to keep white nail polish from turning yellow will help you if your nails changes color after manicure.

During summer season our valuables in white color such as clothes, shoes and nail polish start to wear out.  It is common but what will you do if you find out that your beautiful nail polish is getting messy and turning yellow?

The following suggestions will help you keep your nail polish white always no matter what season you are in.

How to Keep White Nail Polish From Turning Yellow

How Do I Keep My White Nail Polish From Turning Yellow

Remove stains from gel manicure polish using procedures such as washing, chemical solutions and buffing, in order to keep your white nail lacquer from changing color to yellow.

However, the use of chemicals to clean stains needs chemicals that are only specific for your nail type.

You need to use a quality topcoat if you want to get the best results from your nail polish. Gels or white nail polish would be a good choice of colors, but going to a nail technician is going to be the best option.

Why Does My White Nail Polish Turn Yellow?


White nail polish can become yellow because of it being invaded over the long run by the nail polish that is dark. It is recommended that you utilize a different topcoat which will stay held for the use of lighter tone. Yellowing occurs with colors that are light and it is simply more perceptible color white.

White nail polish turning yellow always happens with natural nails and ordinary nail polish although this issue happens mostly with dip powder, gels, and acrylics.

Let us now talk about acrylics and gels turning yellow and their solutions. Note that the same solutions can be applied for natural nails.

Having nails that are yellow is a common issue that is persistent and frustrating same for nail experts who come across them almost daily while working.

The first step to do in order to avoid having them is to ensure your nails are clean and there are no traces of any polish done in the past.

This is hard to attain because a single appointment with a nail tech to remove old nail polish will not be enough because after a single session, there will be layers of it that are thin and not visible in the naked eye and so to completely remove them you need three appointments with your nail expert.

If you really want to be sure that there are no remaining old nail polish, you can soak the nails in a solution of acetone for five minutes to remove any residue before the new undercoat is applied over the natural nail.

Does My Base Coat Cause Yellowing?

Does My Base Coat Cause Yellowing

Of course, a clear base coat on a naked natural nail will become yellow after a few weeks of getting your manicure. To avoid this, use a base coat that is not clear and is of high quality. Always remember that a clear basecoat will itself turn into yellow.

Another mistake that causes yellowing in nails is getting more layers even if you use base coats that are of a high quality.

Always dry them well before applying another coating because if they do not dry well and you add a layer, it will turn from white to color similar to nicotine which is not appealing.

Since nail polish is porous, maximum attention must be paid to the base coat since a slight change in color will spread all the way to the nail surface and therefore ensure the base coat is clean and well applied.

After doing that, the next step to do is application of the white polish or other light colors such as pastels and Neon’s for dip powder and gels.  For the best outcome, use colors that re of high quality.

I recommend that you use the type of gel polish that’s high quality and sold for extra dollars but if you decide to use any gel nail polish that is dried by air, make sure to apply three layers of thin coat and that each layer is completely dried before applying another one.

When you are doing either dip or gel nails, each coating must be dried and if possible you can even use buffers but when they have only dried completely.

Does My Topcoat Cause Yellowing?

Does My Topcoat Cause Yellowing

Topcoat contributes to yellowing in the last stages of the white nail polish changing color to yellow but if you adhere to the right procedures such as use of coating and color of high quality, you will not experience any changes .

You should always cure the topcoat in the correct way or use a different topcoat when doing dark or light color nail polishing. When handling natural nails, use a high quality topcoat that has not been in use for bright or dark color

For you to avoid the topcoat causing yellowing of your white nail polish, ensure that the first and second coating dries up completely.

Yellowing of nails will also be defeated by ensuring each of the three layers of the topcoat fully dries up before applying another.

These tips are perfect for use during natural nail manicure or other nail treatment that requires a topcoat while the following are for dipping, gels, and acrylics.

Does My Gel Powder Cause Yellowing?

Does My Gel Powder Cause Yellowing

To make it clear, gel powder is not the reason why gel nail polish turn yellow but it is the things a person exposes the gel powder that makes them become yellow.

Another thing which can lead to yellowing of the nails is not curing well the layers of gel during manicure or failure to follow the right procedure during gel application.

Nails done in a nail salon by a professional nail technician will never become yellow or those done at home following the right procedures unless you are rushing or getting them done by you for the first time.

The main mistake you can make is to do your nails at home without having the necessary tools such as LED lamps and UV light that are used to cure the nail polish.

This is because some base and top coats for gel nail polish need a particular type of LED and UV lamps that if not followed, the nails will end up turning yellow.

Always use the thickness that is recommended for color, base and to coatings. You should also remember that every layer must be cured and dried independently.

Never be in a hurry when doing your nails or push your nail tech to get your manicure at a speed they are not used to.  There should be enough time for corrections and also ensuring that the coatings dry up within the recommended time.

Just give yourself enough time for your nails to become beautiful and get the long lasting striking appearance you deserve.

What Can Turn My Gel Nails Yellow?

white Gel Nails

Apart from the wrong procedures during manicure, your daily activities expose your nails to substances that cause them to become yellow.

You should therefore change your regular duties in order to protect your nails. Wear gloves anytime you have fake nails or white nail polish.

You should also keep off your nails from coming into contact with bleaching chemicals like ammonia and cleaning detergents that can react with the nail chemicals and make them to turn yellow.

Remember to wear gloves and use soaps that do not have any bleaching agent. Soaps made of natural oils are good for anyone trying to protect their nails from soaps that make them yellow.

Will Dip Powder Turn My White Nails Yellow?

What About Dip Nails

Dip nails are permeable and dipping them in a solution of colored powder and cure them leaves small gaps on their surface that makes them vulnerable to bleaching agents.

Additional layer coat that is cured and dried enough will help protect your nails from becoming yellow.

Dip powder nail treatment is however beneficial to you and your nails. They do not invade the natural nails, are versatile and are easy to apply or remove. They are also less heavy than gels and acrylics.

This nails are ideal for anyone looking for nail make up for a single day or event such as dates, weddings or ceremonies since you can easily remove them after their purpose ends.

Gels nails are easy to manage after dip nails because they do not affect the health of the natural nails unlike acrylics which invade them.

Will Acrylics Turn My White Nails Yellow?

Will Acrylics Turn My White Nails Yellow

Chemical exposure, environmental factors and poor quality makes acrylic nails yellow. Even though acrylics were the first type of artificial nails, they are the most scrappy nail treatments today but despite that, they are still a manicure choice for many people.

The methods of nail treatment for white nails mentioned above also apply to treatment of acrylic nails that are light in color or white to prevent them from becoming yellow.

Get the color, base and top coatings that are of high quality as well as ensuring that you use the recommended LED and UV treatment.

Remember to always use or put on gloves to avoid exposing your nails to chemical substances that will bleach the color of the acrylics and cause them to turn yellow.

The beautiful looks of acrylic nails can also be affected by ugly/dull particles that stick on them so wearing gloves will really help a lot.

Acrylic nails were designed to make them durable and even though they are trending still sas far as fashion and style is concerned, they are facing completion from new fake nail treatments such as white nail polish.

Will My Liquid Set Or Activator Turn My Nail Polish Yellow?

Will My Liquid Set Or Activator Turn My Nail Polish Yellow

When your nail activator or nail set already has a different tint or shade like off-white, it will make your nails to become yellow. This is because for easy application and nail treatment, they must be placed together under a single composition of chemicals.

The two products in one will contaminate the white powder and cause yellowing in the white nail polish. Therefore, you should always be careful when using them to avoid making this mistake.

To achieve that, ensure that the white powder remains white when using a product that will be at the top of it or below it is free of any shade or color used before.

That is why it is always recommended that one must have a separate set that is only used for white nail polish whether acrylic, gel, dip or natural nail manicure.

Other Tips to Keep Your White Nail From Turning Yellow

White nails

If however you are the type of person who does not like buying pastel or white nails for regular use, I will recommend that your brushes be cleaned well using the available brush cleaner that is of the highest quality.

Another thing you can do is buying brushes that are disposed after every single used to help you avoid contaminating your liquid set, powder, colors, and coats.

When you realize that nails are getting yellow or are starting, you can neutralize it by buffing off the substances that is causing the yellowing.

This procedure can be done only if you want to prevent your white nails for quite some time or someone who is exposed to chemicals daily and does not wear gloves.

Another thing to do is refreshing the color by dipping them inside white powder that is fresh after you buffer. You should also remember to utilize the liquid set since if you don’t, powder will not bond with the nail. All you have to do in these case if to buffer then treat them until thy shine again.

Should I Go To A Nail Salon To Keep My White Nails White?

Should I Go To A Nail Salon To Keep My White Nails White

Nail salons employ professional nail technicians who have been trained and they also have the best equipment for nail manicure.

These makes the nail salon the best place you can go if you want to keep your nails white or stop them from becoming yellow. Whether you need dip nails, acrylics or gels, nail salon is the best place to do your manicure.

This is because the nail technicians there are well experienced, highly skilled and are able to help your nails remain white.

For instance if we talk about their equipment, you are going to find that they have separate nail sets of powders and chemicals for pastel and white nails like I stated before.

If you aren’t sure what set they are using, feel free to ask them because in any nail salon, the client is the boss and the tech does what the boss wants or likes.

It is also cost-friendly doing your manicure at a nail salon when compared to doing it at home because of the expensive equipment and chemicals.

How Do I Choose Quality Nail Polish?

Quality Nail Polish

As of now, this article must have helped you understand that the quality of your nail polish is very important. The same way you like or always want means that are of high quality you must also go for high quality nail polish and that means having the best manicure tools and chemicals that will give you durable white nails that are shiny.

For you to find the best nail polish that is of high quality is doing a research on nail care and understanding what nail experts thing of nail polish before checking feedback from customers who have had nail polish in the past.

You should be careful when you come across reviews of the best brands dealing on nail polish online. Although Google may be the best resource search engine, always have in mind that not every blog post listing brands has true information that you can rely on.

Instead, I will recommend that you consider the information and reviews by the leading digital and magazines about the nail care which are targeted for schools and nail experts.

They are the best reference to someone who is looking for information about color powders, nail polishes top and basecoats.

Yellowing of nails will be defeated by ensuring each of the three layers or coating fully dries up before applying another. These tips are perfect for use during natural nail manicure or other nail treatment that requires a topcoat.

Another factor you should always consider is that nails done in a nail salon by a professional nail technician will never become yellow unlike those done at home.

This is because manicure home kits may not have the necessary tools such as LED lamps and UV light that are used to cure the nail polish.