Let’s talk about Methyl Methacrylate, a chemical used for acrylics. For the most part, the chemical is used in a variety of paints and nail polishes. It has been in use for a couple of years although it as been classified by the FDA as toxic.

How exactly did Methyl Methacrylate end up being used in paints? Initially, this chemical wasn’t classified as harmful and that’s why it made way in most products. Surprisingly, the chemical is still in circulation as it’s used in different products and acrylic paints to date.

For instance, you’ll find it in the dental industry since it comes highly recommended when it comes to building crowns and bridges. This is because it tends to solidify into a hard and tough cement-like consistency.

Consequently, Methyl Methacrylate is used in different types of surgical joint repair injuries. This chemical helps protect the bone from different kinds of decay while keeping it strong. Unfortunately, some nail parlors and salons still use methyl methacrylate on their clients nails especially those who are looking to save a few coins.

This chemical makes the nails rigid and more solid, but the consistency makes them more susceptible to breaking. Even worse, it contains a compound that tends to absorb the skin pores and nail plate resulting in a myriad of health problems. Plus, they are usually hard to remove as compared to other types of acrylics.

How to Know if Your Nail Salon Uses MMA?

The general public is increasingly becoming aware of the dangers of using MMA acrylic for nails that’s why some salons and nail parlors don’t use the product at all.

However, some nail technicians still use it citing different reasons. They are likely to hide the chemical from you whether they are using it since its cheaper or they think it works better than other products. Therefore, as a client, pay attention to some of these signs:

The Nail Prices are Cheaper

If the nail prices are cheaper as compared to other salons, then this is the most obvious sign. Beauty products with EMA are usually safer alternatives to MMA. EMA is relatively expensive that’s why you’ll find that salons that use them are a bit costly. As a result, technicians that use MMA instead of MMA charge less.

However, don’t write off all cheap salons. Look for other signs since some are cheap but use genuine products.

Itching and Burning Sensation

Your nails should never sting or hurt after being done. MMA tends to cause itching and burning sensation when it’s applied on the fingers. EMA products on the other hand, don’t cause any of these. Itching or burning sensation is a clear indication that the technician is using MMA acrylic for nails. However, you can use other signs to avoid the discomfort.

Fruity Smell

Nail chemicals usually have a potent smell which is quite the opposite for MMA products since they have a fruity smell. The smell can make literally make you sick! EMA products also have a strong smell but the only difference is, the scent won’t make you sick. If you detect any fruity smell, then the technician is probably using MMA products.

The Technician is Quite Secretive

If the technician exhibits some secretive behaviors like trying to hide the nail products or even refusing to talk about them, then they are probably using MMA acrylic for nails. Remember, the industry banned this chemical from use but is still in circulation owing to the demand of relatively cheaper nail products.

What Should I Do If My Technician Is Using MMA Acrylic for Nails?

  • You can choose the easy way out, find another technician.
  • You can also talk to law officials within the locality.