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What to Look for in Pedicure Salons Near You

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The feet are wonderful and amazing tools as they make everyday life possible. Our feet can get pretty tired since we tend to put our entire weight on them when standing and walking. You can develop several health issues if you don’t proper care of your feet. Plus, they will also look undesirable and unsightly. And this is where pedicure comes in.

Pedicures are not only healthy but also relaxing. If you want an open toe weather or want to chill as you get ready for a special occasion, then a nail salon is your best bet. Needless to say, there are many nail salons but not all of them are similar. There are a number of factors you need to consider when scouting for a pedicure salon for the best experience such as:

The Risk

There are a lot of gateways that tend to open up when the pedicurist is working on our feet which can be a breeding ground for germs. If the water is dirty or the tools unsterilized then germs can get into the body through the soakings, cuttings and scrubbings. All these possibilities are real even though we don’t them too much thought.

Even the slightest of carelessness at pedicure salons can result in a nasty spread of staph infections, fungal infections and other related problems. There are a number of nail salons that have been shut down due to these complaints. Ensure you steer clear of such places when scouting for the best pedicure salons near you for the sake of hygiene and safety. Better safe than sorry they say.


Save for looking out for a nail salon that observes necessary safety standards, you also need to find one that is super comfortable. You want to sit back and relax without a worry in the world especially if you are already stressed out. There’s a reason why they say pedicures are relaxing. Who knows? You might get back on track especially if you are wearing thin thanks to personalized service, absolute pampering and soft music in high end pedicure salons.

After establishing why you need to visit a pedicure salon, there are a few things you need to look out for. These guidelines and precautions will help you narrow down your options in your quest of finding one that suits and serves you best. Some of the things you should watch out for include:

1. Sincere Working

Most nail salons are usually in the habit of cutting cuticles and shaving off calluses which can result in bleeding wounds. This is not only painful but can also be quite dangerous as far as infections are concerned. However, the nail technicians always find a way to work on the sensitive areas for smooth results and ease of working. In some cases, the smoothness is usually short lived -in fact, the pedicure or manicure can become uneven in a minute when you cut a cuticle. This ensures you visit the nail salon or schedule another appointment sooner that you thought.

2. General Ambience

General Ambience

The pedicure salon should observe high standards of cleanliness and sanitation as it helps ward off any type of infection. It’s maintenance and upkeep should be professional and the entire place should be equally inviting and comfortable. Check if the foot baths are clean enough and not just a kind of makeshift station with a tub and plastic chair. It would also be best if they don’t drain off the dipping area. Ensure the tub is easy to clean up, ensure they disinfect it while you are there.

You should also see the sterilization, cleaning and disinfecting at some point. They should disinfect for ten minutes or more.

3. Your Instincts Are Always Right

Always trust your instincts. If you ever feel like the nail salon is rushing you into things then chances are that they probably are. Most high-end pedicure salons usually have surprisingly dirty habits. Don’t shy away from asking if they have renewed the water in the foot baths or sterilized their equipment properly. It would be best if you arrived early to watch them disinfect and sterilize the tools before using them on you so reduce the risk of unnecessary infections that can cost you a lot more than the pedicure itself.

The decor can be turn off even if the pedicure salon is sparklingly clean. If you feel this way, always remember that your instincts are always right, so find another place where you’ll feel comfortable. For the most part, pedicures are meant to make you relax, not to amped by weird stuff like ornaments, pictures and decorations.

You can go to the bathroom if you are still in doubt. If the restroom is not clean enough then chances are that the cleanliness of the salon itself is not up to par. If it’s clean and nice, then you have it all!

4. Upkeep of Equipment

Pedicure salons usually have an extensive variety of tools for nail care purposes. Some of these tools include callus removers, nail buffers, cuticle cutters, tweezers, nail clippers, files and orange stick among others. Most of these tools comprise of metal, foam, emery, wood and stone. It’s only fair that customers insist on sterilization of these equipment and proper disinfection since they are used on a lot of people, sometimes simultaneously.

Check out if the tools are going through an autoclave. An autoclave almost resembles a toaster. Some high-end salons usually use disposable tools such as files and buffers for their clients to eliminate the risk of infections. Some can allow you to carry your own tools to the salon or take homes the ones that have been used on you.

Hang in there if you see the tools coming out of a brand-new packaging or an autoclave. You can choose to leave or air out your concerns if the nail tech tries to use an old file on your nails. However, you should remember that not all salons can afford to use new tools on each client so be fussy if they disinfect them instead. Some of the tools that can be disinfected include a pumice stone or anything similar.

5. Regulations for a Pedicure Nail Salon

Municipal, federal, local and state law may have very little to say about cleanliness when it comes to nail salons. If push comes to shove, these places can cause an epidemic which means that there are some records to show if the salons have passed certain checkups. You’ll also know if the business is illegal or has been issued with a warning.

Check the city’s website and look at the nail salons nearby. You’ll find a list of both the unsafe and safe salons. This information will help you make an informed decision when looking for the best pedicure salons near you with clarity and confidence.

6. Consider all Your Options

Your feet are usually different from the hands. This means that you might need to go an extra mile to make them look and stay presentable. There are certain spas that use a certain fish known as Garra Rufas, that eats away dead skin on the feet. Some people find this method extremely natural and effective and fun especially those who can sit through the entire process. If you are against animal captivity or are a bit ticklish, then this option is not your best option.

You can opt for a surgical blade pedicure if you are looking to have soft feet. This slices away any dead skin without scrubbing or pain. However, this method is not quite effective since the cut skin tends to grow out even worse than it was before which means there’s a lot of upkeep involved.

Services Offered at a Pedicure Salon and the Price Range

Generally, pedicure nail salons offer manicure and pedicure packages or can do each one of them separately. Pedicures usually last longer as compared to manicure about 60 minutes or thereabout and is equally relatively expensive. A decent pedicure costs between $15 to $25 and $25 to $35 for a deluxe pedicure.

Don’t visit a pedicure nail salon when they are too busy since they tend to be careless when the place is overcrowded. Try to visit the pedicure salon during the day since they usually operate between 8am to around 8pm. Generally, weekends are rushed half-days in most nail salons so try to visit in the course of the week. Visit the salon early in the week to get the most serene and relaxing atmosphere, attentive services and cleanest tools.